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Three Points at South End

Three Points at South End is the southern gateway into Rock Hill; it will become a center of economic and educational activity that promotes the diverse interests and talents of the local community. It will also bring a grocery store, restaurants, and the BELL Incubator for social impact.



“Three Points at South End will single handedly change the entire trajectory for the South Side of Rock Hill. Many people on this side of town don’t have access to healthy food options, work force development or entrepreneurial program. This site will provide all of this for a community that needs it”.

-Tadean Page, Community Member

Everly Ridge, Rock Hill SC

In 2020 Impact Change purchased 60 acres of land, located on Neely Road in Rock Hill, two blocks from South Point High School. The soon-to-be Everly Ridge neighborhood will comprise of 150 new homes.


Woodland Park, Rock Hill SC

Our current community, Woodland Park, is in Rock Hill, South Carolina. All units are occupied in this affordable housing community. When the  properties were acquired in October 2012, there were only five (5) houses that were habitable.

At the time, no rent was being paid to the owner or management. Over the next three (3) years,  Woodland Park was transformed into a community that is on the rise, with all units occupied as well as a waiting list for families seeking to reside in the community.